Ignite Spirit seeks to remind and reconnect us to our True Power & DIVINE Nature!!

We are all in this TOGETHER!


We are here to provide Services for those seeking to know their deeper, most inner selves. We believe that our deeper consciousness arises from within a non-physical realm referred to as the 'Ether' or Akasha. This non-physical realm exists within each of us. It is the consciousness that creates, sustains and animates us.

Many of us are living in misalignment with this deeper Self. This creates experiences of depression, lack, loneliness, regret, fear, victim-hood and poor health, among other things. We believe that by choosing to realign with our True Essence of love, abundance, wisdom, creativity and power, we can create a more harmonious and peaceful world for everyone.

Let Ignite Spirit support you along your journey whether you're just taking the first step (brave!) or you’ve been walking for a while now...(tired and brave!).


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